How to give employees a better training experience

28 September 2016

A much better way to learn than traditional training methods.”
Delegate Feedback

This. Exactly this.

At times we grapple with how best to sum up this drama-based experiential learning thing we do here at Enact, but we always know precisely why we do it. It’s just so much better than the prevailing training and learning development experience at work.

Normal Service

Let’s face it, the prospect of a training course in most workplaces isn’t filling many employees with enthusiasm. Chalk and talk, death by PowerPoint, hours at the keyboard watching videos and answering multiple choice online learning modules (no more connecting with other people in the coffee breaks, scratch that unquantifiable benefit), it’s hard to make the case that the typical training experience is pushing many boundaries besides tolerance to boredom. No doubt it suffices, gets the job done and ticks boxes, but it’s not an experience to write home about. What does that say about priorities? Talk about people as the number one asset, then do that to them. Fortunately, there are companies out there that take a different view.

A New Normal

Reading through the delegate feedback from recently completed training programmes run with Yorkshire Coast Homes and Spirax Sarco, I couldn’t help but reflect on how companies like these want to provide their employees with training and learning development experiences way outside the norm, and are successfully making it happen. Yes, that’s good for us, but what gives me the biggest buzz is knowing all those employees are getting a learning experience they deserve. One that engages and inspires as it informs.

Take a read, see what you think:

“I’ve never witnessed a course delivery like this. Very impressed.”

“Unlike any other training I have undertaken and enjoyed it very much.”

“Very engaging! Something different, not the standard training course.”

“Having done many such courses across companies this stands out.”

“It was fun, not the usual PowerPoint stuff.”

“Not seen acting in training before – it was very effective.”

“Great session. Have seen similar content delivered through online video courses in the past, which do not have the same impact.”

“Very imaginative delivery of content, first time I have been entirely hooked during the ENTIRE training session!”

An Opportunity

If you also want to give your employees training experiences that break the mould, you could well be interested in ‘Out of the Box’  the free event we’re putting together for the 8 November in Warwick. You can find out more and express your interest here. We’re continually on the lookout for new partners to develop great training and learning development experiences with, so I hope to see you there.

Our Fantastic education team have finished the first week of ‘Think CAREeers’ NHS show. 🩻🩺🩹💉 🚑

See just some of the amazing teacher feed-back in comments. ⭐️

It’s great to have Enact Solutions joining us on stand 39 at the #HPMA2023 Conference & Exhibition again today - be sure to drop by & say hello to find out more! #Passion4People

Day 1 was such an exciting day, we’re back for day 2! We talked to lots of fantastic people and listened to some amazing and empowering talks. Come and say hello if you’re around today!

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