Our Values

These values are at the very heart of the Enact Experience. These six words guide us when we’re working with clients, they’re a benchmark when we measure our success and, perhaps most importantly, they are the words that clients and colleagues often use to describe us.


/smuːð/ Adj. (of an action, event, or process) without problems or difficulties. Adj. (of the sea or another body of water) without heavy waves; calm. Verb. deal successfully with (a problem or difficulty).

We are always dealing with important yet difficult topics, so it’s always important that performances go smoothly. From concept to delivery; everything including scripts, actors and IT is planned and practised to ensure the only dramatic moments are the ones we’ve prepared.



/ɪnˈkwɪzɪtɪv/ Adj. having or showing an interest in learning things;.

Before we can be compassionate; before we can be realistic about your requirements or deliver realistic and powerful performances; we must first understand your organisation. We are curious, interested (maybe even a little bit nosey). We want to know more about you. So, we’ll always start by listening and asking lots of questions. Whether it’s learning the jargon or understanding your needs; we always make sure to understand what’s being said.


/kəmˈpaʃ(ə)nət/ Adj. feeling or showing sympathy and concern for others..

Learning & development isn’t always easy. When people realise the tools they are familiar with are no longer appropriate; they can feel vulnerable. Especially so if they don’t yet have the new tools they need. We believe that it is important that we create a space where people can feel safe to lay down their old ways so they can start practising with new ones.


ˈpaʊəfʊl,ˈpaʊəf(ə)l/ Adj. Having a strong effect on people’s feelings or actions..

Humans are social by nature and generally feel that it’s important to conform to the norms of a social group. This means that when it comes to decision making, we often look around us to see what others are doing. Professional acting and realistic story-telling creates key learning moments where people can experience the ‘social-proof’ they need without witnessing it in the workplace.


/ɪˈfɛktɪv/ Adj. Successful in producing a desired or intended result..

As we have said; some people are open to the conversation and some people will come to the table before they are ready to change. By using subject matter experts, powerful experiences and simple engagement tactics (like polling), we create demonstrable growth that will serve as a safe first step for even the most resistant individuals.


/rɪəˈlɪstɪk/ Adj. Representing things in a way that is accurate and true to life.

Our professional actors and subject matter experts work closely with clients to create scenarios that feel possible & plausible. This realism connects with the audience in a way that presentations, role-play or intranet articles can’t. Teaching and learning, is all about relationships and experiences.