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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 12th October 2023

Closing the reality gap: a free event about making diversity, equity, and inclusion relevant to everyone. “The best training I’ve received in 18 years on this subject; the training team were fantastic.” Training Participant


Inclusive Leadership Showcase 19th October 2023

All together now: a free livestream event showcasing experiential training on inclusive leadership Inclusive leaders make it their job to make everybody else feel like they can do their best work. It’s vital work, calling on skills and capabilities that don’t always come naturally, but which can be learned and enhanced.


Productive Conversations 9th November 2023

Speak now: a free studio livestream event showcasing training to give managers essential workplace conversation skills and confidence “It was great time for me, I’ve learned a lot about how to deal with difficult conversations.” Training Participant


Dignity & Respect in the Workplace 14th November 2023

Take action: a free event about reducing bullying, harassment and incivility in the workplace “One of the key things within the course was tackling the behaviour of individuals that cause negativity (knowingly or unknowingly). I witness this on a regular basis yet there appears to be a blasé approach to tackling such individuals.”


Challenging Sexual Harassment in the Workplace 6th December 2023

Get serious: a free livestream event about challenging sexual harassment in the workplace In a world where many women experience sexual harassment at work and most don’t tell their employer about what’s happening for fear of not being believed or damaging their working relationships and career prospects, employers need to get serious about making a safe workplace for women.


Microaggressions Web Event 12th December 2023

It’s not nothing: a free livestream event about microaggressions, allyship, and becoming a challenger “A fantastic, interactive session that really made me think about certain situations and how I can turn them around.” Learner Feedback


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