Dignity and Respect

Nip it in the bud: innovative, drama-based training to improve interpersonal behaviour and reduce bullying, harassment and incivility in the workplace.

Dignity And Respect

You don’t need to have big problems to get busy creating a more productive, healthy, and mutually supportive working environment.

With our powerful half day training programme, organisations can start a positive, open and honest conversation with their employees about unacceptable interpersonal behaviours at work.

Not all bullying or harassment is overt. It can be the tip of the iceberg. Subtle behaviours and low-level incivilities exist below the surface which also have a significant impact on day-to-day employee experience and key issues like mental health, engagement, and retention.

What is expected, what is inappropriate and harmful, and what we can do individually and collectively to ‘nip it in the bud’ and create the workplace we all deserve. Our immersive, drama-based training programme brings challenges to life in a unique way that fuels positive action.

Clients Include
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Delegate Feedback

Very thought provoking, tackled subject from different perspective, engaging, enabled discussion outside of training unlike computer-based training.
Made me reflect on my behaviour and how I hope to challenge inappropriate bullying in the future.
Really helped focus on positive communication. Found it easy to share thoughts. Really educative. Many thanks.
Very worthwhile, very interesting to take part with colleagues with whom I have had difficult situations, e.g. them shouting at me! Personally, I particularly reflected on the ‘giving feedback’ part, I thought this was very helpful.
Feeling more equipped to defuse situations within my workplace.
One of the key things within the course, was tackling the behaviour of individuals that cause negativity (knowingly or unknowingly). I witness this on a regular basis yet there appears to be a blasé approach to tackling such individuals.

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Learning Into Action

We have been delivering training programmes to reduce inappropriate workplace behaviours since the company started in 2011. In that time, we’ve had customers from a wide range of sectors, including health, manufacturing, utilities, insurance, fintech, and universities.

Results from in-session electronic polling include:

0 %
understood more about what constitutes inappropriate attitudes and behaviours
0 %
said they had more confidence to challenge inappropriate attitudes and behaviours
0 %
ended the session feeling committed to helping create a more supportive and inclusive working environment
0 %
found the session worthwhile

In follow-up surveys (6 weeks later):

0 %
of learners had engaged in a ‘difficult’ or ‘honest’ conversation in response to a situation or behaviour they thought was undesirable (over half hadn’t been in such a situation)
0 %
had done all or some of the actions they had planned as part of the training programme
0 %
continued to feel that taking part in the training had been worthwhile

Learning Outcomes

Our performance helps inspire learners to:

The Programme

Our half-day experiential, interactive training programme includes dramatised content (live and filmed) delivered by professional actors, alongside electronic voting, group exercises, and skilful facilitation. It is designed to be delivered to up to 20 people at a time in face-to-face workshops held either on-site at your premises or off-site at an appropriate venue.

The programme consists of the following modules.

Very thought provoking, tackled subject from different perspective, engaging, enabled discussion outside of training unlike computer-based training.


If you are interested in running this training programme in your organisation, or if you simply want to ask a question about it, hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.