Pathways to Care

Choose to care: an engaging, drama-based presentation to inspire young people to consider a career in health and social care.

Pathways To Care

Since 2012, we have been supporting Health Education England by delivering drama-based performances focused on inspiring young people to consider a career in health and social care. The aim is to challenge stereotypes and give students a much more rounded view of the variety of jobs available so they can decide for themselves whether there’s a career in care that’s right for them.

Our multi-media performances blend interactive, digital characters (animated and film), video content, images and scenery, all woven together by a team of actors delivering a vibrant performance. Students are taken on a memorable journey that explores the career opportunities offered by health and social care. The content itself is revisited annually and tailored to meet the recruitment needs of the care workforce.


Clients Include

Incredible. The team we had were so friendly, accommodating and clearly very talented. Staff and students loved the show and were certainly inspired and informed.

Learning Outcomes

Our performance helps inspire learners to:

The Presentations

We have two popular presentations; one for primary and one for secondary. Lasting 35 minutes, our performances have a simulation of a healthcare environment populated by a range of characters. The central character has no real idea of the impact that health and social care could have on their future, both physically and career wise, only to discover that there are over 350 different career prospects forming one remarkable, coherent service.

Each performance is pitch perfect, language and cultural reference appropriate, and in tune with the target audience. For school tours, they can be performed in up to two schools per day or in a central venue/ location for audiences of up to 250 students (back to back performances can be offered to larger year groups).

Building on the messages of the performances, we recommend that when people leave they are signposted to support mechanisms including their Careers Adviser, relevant websites and other useful resources. Also, because parents and carers have the biggest influence on the career choices of young people, we offer performances which they can attend to learn all about careers in health and social care and support their children.

Our highly experienced project coordinators will ensure tour bookings are maximised and smoothly executed by coordinating the direct communication with schools and colleges through a range of different methods.

What Schools Say

The performers were absolutely excellent. The performance was entertaining, informative and pitched very well. The actors had an excellent understanding of how to engage young people. The teachers learned from it as well and the coverage of ‘new’ job roles was excellent. We hope to see you in school again!
The students and staff loved it. We all learnt so much and it really got them thinking about the many opportunities available in the NHS. Thanks again for a lively and enthusiastic performance.
Outstanding presentation that all students should see so that they are informed.
Fantastic performance! Most learners remained engaged throughout and I feel it's informed them.
Simply great and funny!
Really interactive, engaging presentation.
Very lively and enthusiastic performance that engaged the students.
Wonderfully enjoyable and energetic![
I just wanted to email you to say the production yesterday at our school was brilliant. It was informative, good fun too. The students and the staff thoroughly enjoyed it. Please let us know if the production will go ahead next year as we definitely would like you to return.
Feedback on the day was very positive - staff commented that it was one of the best of its type they had been to, a student commented that they had never considered working in the NHS, that they no idea that there were so many different jobs they could do.
Just wanted to send some quick feedback to say that I thought the team this morning was superb! The presentation was amongst the very best we’ve hosted during my time in post and the students really enjoyed it. It was extremely engaging and I’m confident that it has drastically improved their understanding of career options within the NHS.
Absolutely fantastic presentation, had the pupils 100% engaged and they thoroughly enjoyed it, and as a result they will have taken it on board.
Positive and fun and made it applicable to all, jobs and pathway for all and promoted hard work in school.
Absolutely fantastic and very enjoyable and informative.
Really good presentation. Really clear information pitched to the students. Definitely recommend you to other teachers/ schools.
Absolutely brilliant, engaged some very disadvantaged young people as well as the more motivated, thanks.
This theatre presentation is an ideal way of introducing the NHS and the wide range of job opportunities to young people who will not have experienced or considered the NHS as a potential place to work, it has the added value of implying that all employment is fun, thank you.
A high energy performance that will certainly give students lots to think about and/ or talk about, great.
I feel it was perfectly pitched for the students, well done.

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Learning Into Action

To evaluate impact, after all our performances we hand out questionnaires to a sample of students and all teachers and other professionals attending the performance.

Results from students include:

0 %
thought the presentation was informative
0 %
thought it was enjoyable
0 %
had a better understanding of the wide variety of roles in health and social care
0 %
said the presentation increased their interest in a career in health and social care
0 %
would recommend the presentation for other students

Results from teachers include:

0 %
thought the presentation was enjoyable
0 %
thought it was informative
0 %
thought it was useful as part of the careers curriculum
0 %
thought it was pitched at the right level
0 %
would recommend the presentation for other students


If you want to inspire students to consider a career in health and social care, or if you simply have a question you’d like to ask us, just hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.