Comfortable being Uncomfortable with Race

Get comfortable: innovative, drama-based training to enable open cultural conversations around racism, prejudice and inequality.

Comfortable Being Uncomfortable With Race

In 2020, with the momentum of the Black Lives Matter movement following the killing of George Floyd, many organisations publicly pronounced their commitment to tackling systemic racism. There is much that can be done.

One place to focus efforts is encouraging and supporting employees in having meaningful, open cultural conversations about experiences of racism, prejudice, and inequality. To do this successfully requires everyone involved, especially team leaders and managers, to do their best to bypass the internal defence mechanisms we all have, manage emotions, and, in short, get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Our new training programme uses immersive, drama-based content to facilitate these healthy, collaborative conversations, challenge biases, and encourage participants to push themselves out of their comfort zones in order to build more inclusive working environments.

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Delegate Feedback

Interesting session to raise awareness of workplace inequality and racism.
Enjoyable and different with some really good 'take away' moments to build on.
Do it. It's amazing!
It made me feel uncomfortable but was thought provoking and essential for many more of us to experience.
Great session, I recommend you sign up if you get the opportunity.
Really well put together with accessible content and great presenters/ actors.
Really engaging and thought provoking.
It was interesting to hear the view from others to help widen my perspective and understanding.
Really good, engaging and supportive.
Highly recommend it.
An energising and thought-provoking session with role play to help me get a bit better at the uncomfortable conversations around race and ethnicity.
Uncovering how privileged I am and opening my eyes to prejudice.

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Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation, learners will:

The Programme

Our experiential and interactive training programme includes dramatised content (live and filmed) delivered by professional actors, alongside electronic voting, group exercises, and skilful facilitation. We offer either a half-day face to face workshop (F2F) or a circa two-hour livestream workshop (LS). It is designed to be delivered to up to 20 delegates (F2F) or 16 delegates (LS).

The programme consists of the following modules.

A creative and innovative way of discussing something that doesn’t always want to be discussed.


If you are interested in running this training programme in your organisation, or if you simply want to ask a question about it, hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.