Managing Microaggressions

It’s not nothing: innovative, drama-based training to switch people onto the impact of microaggressions and everyday incivilities.

Managing Microaggressions

Companies worldwide have made significant strides towards developing inclusive organisational cultures with diverse workforces. Yet, even as they make progress, their good work is frequently undermined by the everyday unthinking things employees say and do to one another. 

From unprofessional treatment because of gender or race, to throwaway remarks about grey hair or home décor on Zoom calls, to being given a nickname without permission, many employees are on the receiving end of microaggressions and other incivilities at work. No matter how harmless perpetrators may think these are, the evidence is they can create a hostile environment, constitute discrimination or harassment, and lead to problems with mental health and wellbeing. Ignoring micro level behaviours stores up macro level problems down the line. 

Building on the success of our popular bullying and harassment training programme, this complementary programme can help companies minimise the harm caused by microaggressions and other incivilities. Realistic, relatable drama-based content is used to raise awareness, increase knowledge, and open learners up to positive behaviour change. Participants come away with a greater understanding of the experiences of marginalised groups and the emotional and psychological impact of language, verbal and non-verbal, and the messages being transmitted. We also create a safe space in which learners can share experiences and reflect on their own past behaviours before working together to plan what they will do differently on return to the workplace. All of this comes with an accessible underpinning of key theoretical concepts, such as fragility and bias, and practical tools and techniques to do things like show empathy and constructively challenge perpetrators. 

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Delegate Feedback

The scenarios performed were very believable and illustrated how microaggressions occur in everyday language. We were also shown how to challenge someone who displays such behaviour. The session conversations will stay with me for a long time
Thought provoking - do the training and see!
I've already discussed this with so many people, colleagues, friends and my sister, it was such a refreshing session rather than death by PowerPoint.
Take part, it's valuable
Brilliant, learnt so much, so engaging, can they do another session!
Well thought out and thought-provoking training.
A thoughtful way to address a difficult and emotive topic... I would recommend attending.
It made me think but also challenged my thinking looking at situations from a different point of view. It enabled serious discussion on sensitive issues in a safe environment

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Learning Outcomes

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The Programme

Our experiential and interactive training programme includes dramatised content (live and filmed) delivered by professional actors, alongside electronic voting, group exercises, and skilful facilitation. 

The programme consists of the following modules.

It’s brilliant, the best training I’ve attended… you’ll think and feel differently afterwards.


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