Destination Success

Aim higher: an engaging, drama-based presentation to inspire young people to make post-16 choices to fulfil their potential.

“The acting was superb, and the students engaged with the full performance. The actual show is a genius idea and pitched at exactly the right level… thank you very much for such a wonderful production that will certainly get our students to think about their future.” Assistant Head

We’re passionate about the power of learning and want to help young people realise their full potential. Since we started out in 2011, we have been successfully supporting outreach programmes with our innovative and engaging Destination Success performances, inspiring young people to explore the diversity of learning possibilities for post-16 choices and make the right choices for them.

Our multi-media performances blend interactive, digital characters (animated and film), video content, images and scenery, all woven together by a team of actors delivering a vibrant performance. Young people meet characters faced with the same kinds of pressures and realities that surround them, and they see them as they explore their choices, raise their aspirations, and aim higher.

Learning Outcomes

Our performance helps inspire learners to:

  • Learn about the diversity of choices and variety of progression routes available to them post 16, including Apprenticeships & University;
  • Be encouraged to focus on, engage with and take responsibility for their own personal positive destination;
  • Consider what their future could hold and the benefits of learning post-16; like more qualifications, enhanced job prospects, increased future earnings, and greater opportunities; and
  • Find out where to find the Information, advice and guidance to help choose an educational route that suits them and supports the way they best like to learn.

The Presentation

Lasting 30 minutes, our performance, written for students in Years 8-10, aims to inspire young people to aim higher and achieve the best grades they can possibly get. It brings to life all the challenges, pressures and realities surrounding young people when it comes to thinking about their post-16 choices and staying committed to working towards their GCSEs. It’s a uniquely engaging experience designed to switch students on to continue learning, make more informed choices, and look forward to a successful destination in life.

The performance is pitch perfect, language and cultural reference appropriate, and in tune with the target audience. For school tours, it can be performed in up to two schools per day or in a central venue/ location for audiences of up to 250 students (back to back performances can be offered to larger year groups).

Building on the messages of the performance, we recommend that when people leave they are signposted to support mechanisms including their Careers Adviser, relevant websites and other useful resources. Also, because parents and carers have the biggest influence on the career choices of young people, we also offer performances which they can attend to learn all about post-16 choices and support their children.

Our highly experienced project coordinators will ensure tour bookings are maximised and smoothly executed by coordinating the direct communication with schools and colleges through a range of different methods.

Learning Into Action

To evaluate impact, after all our performances we hand out questionnaires to a sample of students and all teachers and other professionals attending the performance.

Results from students include:

  • 96% of students thought the presentation was informative
  • 90% thought it was enjoyable
  • 89% said it had encouraged them to stay in learning
  • 76% of students said the presentation increased their understanding of their choices after Year 11
  • 87% would recommend the presentation for other students

Results from teachers include:

  • 100% of teachers said the presentation was useful as part of the careers curriculum
  • 99% thought it was enjoyable
  • 99% thought it was informative
  • 97% of teachers thought it would have stimulated serious thought about options after Year 11
  • 95% thought it was pitched at the right level
  • 99% of teachers would recommend the presentation for other students


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