Testimonial – South East Water

South East WaterCommunications Manager, South East Water

South East Water worked with Enact Solutions to develop an education play “Water Drama” for Key Stage 2 pupils as part of our efforts to communicate with our customers about water resources during 2012.

While the heavy rain of 2012 ended up bringing the drought we were suffering to an end much faster than we anticipated we were worried that if the winter months had been dry we still risked suffering from a shortage of water the following year. It was with this in mind that we commissioned the Autumn Term tour of more than 70 schools.

We found Enact Solutions to be an incredibly professional company to work with at every stage. Clearly with the media attention and drought communications in full swing our department was very busy. We were able to rely on Enact to manage the whole process from contacting and booking schools, organising the day of the play itself, and then following up with further feedback.

The play itself was fantastic and received great reviews from pupils, teachers and our staff alike. In particular we were delighted with the feedback we received from teachers who praised the play for really engaging with the pupils and that they saw the pupils really learning in the process – this is demonstrated by the significant improvement in pupil perception about water and saving water in the research after the play. We have also seen that months later the pupils have continued to remember the messages.

The results speak for themselves:

  • Many more students, four out of five (82%), up 33 percentage points, felt saving water was really important and they knew how they could make a real difference.
  • Nearly seven out of ten students (69%) said they would always try to save water now, more than twice as many as before, and one in four (24%) said they would save it sometimes.
  • Students became more confident about showing their families how to save water. Over half said they felt very confident (52%), while three out of ten students were confident (29%).
  • Over half of the students said they definitely would show their families how to save water (57%), and most of the rest said they probably would (34%).
  • Teachers were overwhelmingly positive, too. And three out of four (75%) said it was either very likely or likely they would do follow-up work on the topic with their students.

I would also highly praise their flexibility during the tour. The weather in 2012 meant that we went from concern about drought, to worries about flooding in a short space of time. Enact Solutions understood this and quickly adapted the script to meet our needs.