Testimonial – NHSCCWT

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Enact Theatre Performances “NHS Success” 2012, Widening Participation Project Lead, NHSCCWT

Following on from the success of the 2009 commissions Nottinghamshire felt that it would be worthwhile to repeat this in 2012.

Our belief that it is a great media to get the message over to young people has been upheld and the extremely positive feedback that students and teachers alike have given is very encouraging.

The approach is very different in that it is an interactive, high energy performance and the actors are very able in engaging the students. I liked the comments that teachers made about their students being captivated which showed in their “quietness”

The fact that we reached over 2,500 young people in Nottinghamshire also makes it a very efficient way to raise awareness of careers in the NHS, and to raise the aspirations of young people in Nottinghamshire in a way that they wouldn’t have had from other employers creates additional value.

In addition we asked Enact to initially target schools with catchments in areas of deprivation and the percentage of those students that we reached who can benefit the most from raising aspirations was therefore high.

It is our intention to communicate with all of the schools who saw a performance to engage in any follow up work that the school may see as beneficial for the young people they educate.

The very positive evaluation has also had an impact on future commissions as the head of our team will discuss with colleagues the viability of doing this again next year. Nottinghamshire is wholeheartedly behind this happening again.

Many thanks for facilitating these performances and for working tirelessly to engage the schools. I know it took some persuading sometimes for them to have the free performance!