Testimonial – IOP Publishing

South East WaterHR Business Partner, IOP Publishing

In 2018, Enact ran a short series of half day unconscious bias sessions for IOP Publishing, mandatory for all those that line manage but open to all employees to build awareness and provoke thought.

We were looking to create an awareness across the whole organisation of what unconscious bias is and build an understanding of how we might address it as individuals. Having seen a taster session in Bristol, it felt like a different and more engaging approach. The characters bring the situations to life without delegates feeling the fear of having to role play.

This was the first time we have worked with Enact but the process has been very slick, well thought out and although we broadly knew what we wanted, Graham and Rosie brought in their expertise to help build an offering that was tailored to IOP’s needs. In all my dealings both Rosie and Graham have been thoughtful, approachable, patient when we didn’t know what we wanted and supportive with suggestions.

Enact approaches things in a different way, using drama to bring the sensitive topic of unconscious bias to life and ensuring delegates walk away with a new and broader perspective on how they might approach situations in the future.