Testimonial – Genting

GentingLearning & Development Manager, Genting Casinos Ltd

We were looking for something a bit different, so I thought about the Enact team. I had been to a taster session back in 2015 and really liked what I saw. They have delivered 1-day actor-led workshops to support our managers to develop their skills in having crucial conversations with members of their team.

We wanted to give our operational management teams the opportunity to build confidence around how to have the most effective crucial conversations with their teams. We wanted to ensure that they were able to have the most productive conversations that supported the individuals within their team to develop, setting them and their teams up for success in the future.

[We chose Enact because] our teams have always been clear in their words and actions that ‘Role Play’ is something that fills them with fear. We wanted to try something different, to allow our leaders the opportunity to develop their skills in a practical sense during the workshop, but in a way that didn’t make them feel like they were on the spot and disengage them from the learning experience.

[What makes Enact stand out is] the fact that Rosie [Creative Director] and the team spent so much time getting to know our business and tailored the experience into something completely relevant and relatable to our learners. This attention to detail and pride in getting it right was something special and not something that all training solution companies have any interest in doing for you.

[In recommending Enact, I’d say] have a conversation with the Enact team. They are pros at this and they really will look to create the very best experience based on your needs as a team and business.

[The only way Enact could improve would be to] create more Rosie Perkins in this world! Only having one for us all to share doesn’t seem fair! Rosie was just fabulous, she completely immersed herself in our business, learned the language and the quirks and totally went with it! THANK YOU, ROSIE!!