Testimonial – Bournemouth University

Bournemouth UniversityOutreach Officer, Bournemouth University

Enact Solutions have delivered an excellent, value-for-money product for us over a number of years and have done so in a friendly and professional way. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others.

We wanted to support schools in helping young people make well informed decisions about their future study and careers, starting with their GCSE options. Although we deliver a number of activities ourselves that contribute to this aim, we tend to work with small groups and wanted something that would reach whole year groups in an impactful way, be cost effective and be something that schools could easily include in their busy schedules. The Enact Solutions drama tour fitted the bill exactly.

The Options and Choices drama tour runs over 2 weeks in July and provides drama performances of under an hour in 20 target schools for students in Year 8. Everything, including the liaison with schools and logistics, is handled by Enact which is great for us. The drama uses 2 live actors as well as video performances to get across our key messages about future education choices for GCSE options, post-16 and post-18 study in an engaging and entertaining way. What’s really great is that Enact come up with a script based on our aims and then tweak it based on our feedback so that the end result meets our needs perfectly.

We recognised that watching a drama was an effective way to engage young people, even more so because Enact use young actors, a lively script carefully tailored to the young audience and lots of interactive elements. I always enjoy going along to watch one of the dramas myself and am especially delighted to see the Year 8s so engaged and clearly thrilled and inspired by the performance.

We have used Enact as an extremely professional and reliable provider over a number of years. They are easy to work with and respected by the schools, so they have no problem filling the slots in the 2-week tour. Enact provide us with a detailed evaluation report each year, based on a survey of students and teachers, which clearly demonstrates the impact of this activity.

[Enact stand out because of their] great drama-based approach, which meets our aims very successfully. A friendly and professional organisation. We can trust them to deliver and they communicate with us well at all stages from planning to booking to delivery to evaluation and follow-up.