Our Promise

Here’s how we like to work with our clients. It’s like a kind of promise in our eyes, as it reminds us how bad we’ll feel if we fall short. We don’t like to break promises any more than you do.

A good beginning

Success starts up front, with good planning. It’s not enough to do things right, you’ve got to ensure you’re doing the right things.

We start by understanding just what our clients want to achieve. Who’s it aimed at? What‘s the difference you want to see as a result? What exactly is success going to look like? Once we know just why it matters to you, then you can be sure it’s going to matter to us, too.

With a clear aim and objectives established, we’ll set about using our experience to design a bespoke programme that’s going to get the job done. Along with your first-hand knowledge, between us we’ll get the design just right.

A dramatic event

This is what it’s all about. Whether it’s a presentation, training workshop, or other bespoke content, our professional actors, using a range of dramatic techniques, digital material, tried and tested exercises, and electronic voting, ensure the highest levels of audience engagement.

We’re not talking about a passive ‘consumer’ experience. The audience is the point of the exercise. We want them to learn, to get to grips with new ideas, and explore new possibilities. Whether it’s learning new ways to reuse household waste, exploring alternative educational paths, or identifying better ways for teams to work together more effectively, a dramatic experience is an impactful one.

A positive difference

How well did it work? What difference has it made? Was it worth it?

We believe in making a positive difference. To check, we include post event questionnaires or electronic voting as standard for all our work. However, since we know that results obtained in the ‘warm-glow’ of a presentation or workshop only tell part of the story, we also offer our clients other options, such as online follow-up surveys or focus groups with which to evaluate longer-term impact.