Live your values: innovative, drama-based training to increase commitment to organisational values.

“It was like a wake-up session for us.”

What use are organisational core values if they are just attractive posters on a wall, bullet points in an annual report, or slides in an employee induction programme? Let’s face it, having a dig at value statements in the corporate world is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yet, in a world where people are looking for purposeful work and the chance to be part of something worthwhile, organisational values can help people come together and align around shared ideas and ways of working. This won’t happen, however, unless organisations find a way to get from ‘values on the wall’ to ‘values in action’.

Our new 1½ hour values event uses immersive, drama-based content to bring employees together and focus them on the practical, everyday implications of making the organisation’s values a reality. Are they interested in living the values? If so, what will they do more of, and what will they aim to stop doing? By turns dynamic and grounded, it is an inspiring way to bring core values to life and increase commitment to living them every day.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation, learners will:

  • Have a clearer, more personal understanding of organisational core values, including what they will do more of, and what they will try to stop;
  • Recognise the pitfalls of failing to live the core values;
  • Understand that because no one always lives their values, everyone can overcome blind spots by welcoming feedback;
  • Learn how to give and receive timely constructive feedback, including recognising people’s strengths and contributions;
  • Identify specific ways to put their learning into action and continue to work together in teams to keep the core values alive;

The Programme

A bitesize (c. 1½ hour) experiential, interactive programme for mixed groups of 100-150 employees. The event is run by an actor-facilitator using dramatised content (live and filmed), alongside electronic voting and group exercises. It can be delivered either on-site at your premises or off-site at an appropriate venue.

The programme consists of the following modules.

Module 1: welcome and explanation of purpose; getting to know each other, outlining aims and objectives, and establishing norms for the workshop.
Module 2: whose value is it anyway; filmed scenarios, electronic voting and facilitated group discussion are used to quickly get to grips with people’s views on, and lived experiences of, the organisation’s values. Are we living up to our professed values? Do we ever fall short? What is our personal commitment to them?
Module 3: consequences; using dramatised content and round table discussions to uncover what happens and why it matters when we fail to live the organisations core values.
Module 4: everyday changes; learners are taken through an exercise to help them think about their own job role in the context of the core values. What is exemplar behaviour? What should you try to avoid?
Module 5: let me know my blind spots; no one lives up to their values all the time. We have blind spots, contradictions we keep missing. So, we need people to let us know when we fall short. Using dramatised content, we demonstrate an effective way to give timely feedback and keep each other honest.
Module 6: summary, action planning and evaluation; at the end, learners identify one or more practical actions they will take back in the workplace, before the session closes with a series of electronic polls to evaluate whether the session met its objectives.

Learning Into Action

We have been delivering training programmes on organisational values since the company started in 2011. In that time, we have had customers from a range of sectors, including health, manufacturing, and utilities.

Results from in-session electronic polling include:

  • 94% of learners ended the session believing that living the core values is important to the future success of the organisation
  • 94% wanted to live the core values the best they can in their daily work
  • 89% of learners said the session helped them reflect on the core values and what they mean to them
  • 97% were more aware of their own attitudes and behaviours and the impact they might have on others
  • 77% gained more confidence to challenge inappropriate attitudes and behaviours
  • 90% of learners found the session worthwhile

In follow-up surveys (6 weeks later):

  • 34% of learners had engaged in a ‘difficult’ or ‘honest’ conversation in response to a situation or behaviour they thought was undesirable (just over half hadn’t been in such a situation)
  • 81% had done all or some of the actions they had planned as part of the training programme (only one in fourteen hadn’t done anything)
  • 94% continued to feel that taking part in the training had been worthwhile


If you are interested in running this training programme in your organisation, or if you simply want to ask a question about it, hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.

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