Unconscious Bias

Everyone is biased. We’re all prone to jumping to conclusions, misjudging people, and favouring some of them more than others, way more than we ever realise. Maybe this isn’t news to you. You’re here after all. What matters is it’s possible to minimise the potentially harmful effects of our unconscious bias, and that more and more organisations are taking steps to do just that.

Since 2013, we’ve successfully delivered our innovative Unconscious Bias training and learning development programmes to 1000s of employees in the public, private and not for profit sectors. We’ve helped clients as diverse as Adidas, NHS England, University of Westminster, NYAS, and National Grid to learn more about bias – where it comes from, why it exists, and the impact it has – and we’ve equipped them with a range of tools and skills to do something about it back in the workplace.

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Raising Awareness

Many clients start with a comprehensive ‘foundation’ session on Unconscious Bias, whether for mixed groups of employees or target audiences (e.g. frontline staff, middle managers, or senior managers and board members).

This introductory programme brings together brain science, interactive video, electronic voting, facilitated exercises, and group discussions in a highly engaging and informative mix with the following outcomes:

  • Greater understanding and awareness of Unconscious Bias;
  • Appreciation of the potential adverse impact Unconscious Bias has on individuals and organisations;
  • An introduction to ways to challenge personal bias and minimise its impact on decision-making; and
  • Increased confidence to engage in honest conversations about bias at work.

Challenging Bias

Our skills-based, capability building programme equips employees to better deal with bias in the workplace.

Often delivered as part of a day long workshop along with a tailored version of our Unconscious Bias ‘foundation’ material, this programme can also be run separately for delegates who have previously taken the introductory session and want to take their learning further.

Using a delivery team of professional actors, delegates hone their skills working on realistic scenarios (e.g. recruitment, performance reviews, front-line customer service) in a safe and constructive environment with the following outcomes.

  • Increased capabilities from dealing with realistic models of poor behaviour in relevant and believable settings;
  • Techniques for better decision-making;
  • Strategies for creating a more inclusive working environment; and
  • Confidence to engage in honest conversations to address bias in the workplace.

Bias Testing

We are qualified to offer Implicitly Assessment tests licensed through Hogrefe. Included within the costs for all IAT tests, provided by Hogrefe or ourselves, is a link to the ’30 Ways to Manage Your Bias’ resource and an e-learning session to help people understand their results and ways they can manage their bias.

Learning into Action

Our unconscious bias programmes involve highly experiential, engaging and interactive, ‘classroom-based’ workshops of up to 20 delegates (a shorter online version of our Awareness Raising ‘foundation’ programme is also available). They are all designed around impactful, dramatised content that turns learning into action, both during the session and back in the workplace.

Results from delegate in-session polling include:

  • 96% – Identified ways to reduce bias in their organisation
  • 95% – Heightened their awareness
  • 95% – Found it a worthwhile session
  • 91% – Had better recognition of influence of bias
  • 86% – Expressed more confidence to challenge

In follow-up surveys (6 weeks later):

  • 87% – Recognised importance of unconscious bias at work and had ideas about what they can do about it
  • 85% – On reflection, found it a worthwhile session
  • 77% – Had engaged in an honest (crucial) conversation in response to a situation or behaviour they thought was inappropriate (seven out of ten delegates hadn’t been in such a situation)
  • 53% – Reported reduced incidence of problematic behaviours on their own part


Prices can work out as little as £50 per head, dependent on a project’s requirements (e.g. when clients want delegates to be able to engage in skills-based practise a larger delivery team is used, which costs more).


If you think this might be something you would like to run in your organisation, or if you simply want to ask a question about the workshop, hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.

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