Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)

Watch our SHE Difficult Conversations video.

Drama is a powerful and effective way for employees to examine unsafe behaviours in the workplace, reflect on their potential consequences, and develop all the skills needed to achieve a safer, healthier working environment.

Our approach works well whether used in a conventional workshop training setting or slap bang in the middle of the workplace. Realistic scenarios, including surprise simulations on the shop floor, Invisible Theatre as it’s known, can be used to bring employees face-to-face with key challenges and their individual and team responsibilities.

A popular, specialised workshop we provide deals specifically with the challenges of holding difficult conversations around health and safety. In this variant of the training, we focus in on increasing understanding, practical skills and confidence so that employees are better prepared and willing to challenge their peers and those further up the hierarchy. More time is given to exploring preconceptions, practising new, more effective communication skills, and planning for the reality of holding difficult conversations in what can be a very emotive, sometimes threatening area of working life.

Participants will:

  • Develop their ability to handle difficult situations, including undertaking accident investigations and holding difficult conversations
  • Learn more about the dangers of preconceptions and agendas
  • Identify barriers to managing productive, two-way communication around SHE and explore how to overcome them
  • Appreciate key messages, such as the importance of reporting near misses
  • Work together on a ‘one team’ approach to SHE that brings home individual and collective responsibilities
  • Recognise and support the vital role of supervisors and team leaders


Prices can work out as little as £50 per head (often less). And at the other end of the spectrum, depending on the project’s requirements, they can equate to around £500 per head.


If you think this might be something you would like to run in your organisation, or if you simply want to ask a question about the workshop, hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.

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