Resilience and Wellbeing

Take care: innovative, drama-based training to help create healthy, mutually supportive workplaces.

Lots of rich discussions around resilience using relatable scenarios.”

Many organisations wish their employees had more ‘bouncebackability’ to cope with all the demands, uncertainty and setbacks work throws at them. The biggest problem with this is when the onus falls on the individual employee to learn to ‘roll with the punches’, while the organisation neglects what it can do to lessen the blows and support the wellbeing of its people.

Our new experiential, drama-based training programme takes a more holistic approach to Resilience. Presenting fictional characters in realistic scenarios, it explores the dynamic interaction between personal factors, leadership and the wider environment taking place in workplaces every day. Employees deepen their understanding of what it means to be resilient and can identify steps they can take, individually and working together, to increase their capacity to draw upon their strengths to cope with challenges and make sense of them.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation, learners will:

  • Expand their understanding of resilience to include leadership behaviours and environmental factors alongside what we do personally;
  • Be introduced to a holistic model to unpack the interrelated factors that lead to resilient outcomes;
  • Learn practical ways to increase individual capacity for resilience;
  • Explore and try out ways to handle difficult conversations, including managing one’s emotions and reactions;
  • Appreciate the importance of looking out for each other at work and the support services and resources available; and
  • Identify practical actions to create a more productive, healthier, and mutually supportive culture.

The Programme

A half-day for mixed audiences or full day programme for employees with management responsibilities. Our interactive training programme includes dramatised content (live and filmed) delivered by professional actors, alongside electronic voting, group exercises, and skilful facilitation. It is designed to be delivered to up to 20 people at a time in face-to-face workshops held either on-site at your premises or off-site at an appropriate venue. A shorter, online version of the workshop is also available.

The programme consists of the following modules.

Module 1:welcome and explanation of purpose; getting to know each other, outlining aims and objectives, and establishing norms for the workshop.
Module 2:where we are now; real-time electronic polls and interactive scenarios provoke powerful conversations about individual and organisational experiences of pressures, demands and challenges affecting wellbeing at work and elsewhere.
Module 3:whose job is resilience; we ask the question, where does the responsibility for resilience lie? We introduce learners to a practical, holistic model to understand the interrelated factors that drive resilient outcomes.
Module 4:interactive scenario – the individual space; using live action, learners get to see a fictional character struggling to cope and learn what’s going on for them at home and work. Then, drawing on the circle of concern/ circle of influence model, learners identify what the character could do to make a positive difference. This is backed up with guidance on how to develop personal resilience.
Module 5:interactive scenario – the team space; more live action with fictional characters to demonstrate the importance of workplace relationships to resilience, especially the role played by line managers and they way they handle high-stakes situations.
Module 6:interactive scenario – the organisation space; a dynamic mix of live action and group work for learners to reflect on the nature of the job, cultural factors, and the impact of policies on resilience. This culminates in learners working together to identify ways to create sustainable change that will increase the capacity for resilience in the workplace.
Module 7:summary, action planning and evaluation; at the end, learners identify one or more practical actions they will take back in the workplace, before the session closes with a series of electronic polls to evaluate whether the session met its objectives.

Learning Into Action

We have been delivering training programmes on mental health and wellbeing for many years with customers in local government, utilities, and further education. Our Resilience and Wellbeing programme is being launched in 2020.

In 2018, we were proud to present a well-received session on holding conversations on mental health at the This Can Happen Conference.

Results from in-session electronic polling include:

  • 96% of learners ended the session recognising the importance of mental health issues and with ideas how to support themselves and colleagues
  • 92% increased their confidence to have conversations on mental health and wellbeing
  • 91% increased their awareness of support mechanisms
  • 95% of learners found the session worthwhile


If you are interested in running this training programme in your organisation, or if you simply want to ask a question about it, hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.

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