Handling Difficult Conversations

Watch our Difficult Conversations video.
This hands-on course is all about allowing delegates, working in a safe and supportive environment, to try out highly realistic and potentially challenging workplace conversations. The focus is on a number of issues relating to communication skills and how, as individuals, we receive and transmit information. As with all our work, it’s designed for each commissioning client to ensure maximum relevancy.

Participants will:

  • Practise using a coaching model
  • Explore the importance of setting SMART objectives
  • Understand different perspectives and the potential for miscommunication
  • Think about the ‘types’ of people we are
  • Learn to be more aware of the subtleties of our communication
  • Practise ‘crucial conversations’


Prices can work out as little as £50 per head (often less). And at the other end of the spectrum, depending on the project’s requirements, they can equate to around £500 per head.


If you think this might be something you would like to run in your organisation, or if you simply want to ask a question about the workshop, hit the button to contact us or call +44 (0)1484 310234.

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