Water Efficiency – Water Drama (KS 2)

An interactive performance workshop designed to engage and inform Key Stage 2 students and inspire them to save water and become more water efficient. Water Drama offers an innovative blend of multi-media projection and live performance, which promises to engage the target audience from start to finish.

Students will:

  • Increase their awareness of water scarcity and the potentially devastating effects of water inefficiency
  • Understand more about the health benefits of water
  • Learn about water efficiency in the bathroom, in the kitchen, and in the garden
  • Change their attitudes and behaviours towards water usage and plan ways they can conserve water, including being signposted to water saving activities, devices and aids
  • Be asked to become ambassadors for driving change in the attitudes and behaviours of others they know


Depending on the number of schools, academies and colleges we tour, prices often equate to around £3.50 per head for a whole year group performance (including our full event management and evaluation services). For one-off and short projects the price per head can be much higher to cover the development and rehearsal costs.


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