Waste Awareness (KS 2 & 3)

Watch our Waste Awareness video.

The Rubbish Show (KS 2) and I’m Not Rubbish/ Choose Reuse (KS 3) are two dramatic presentations designed to engage different age groups.

The Rubbish Show will inspire young people at Key Stage 2 to want to help reduce, recycle and reuse everyday items, including Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment, and to take the message home so their families can find ways to cut down the amount of waste they send to landfill. While I’m Not Rubbish/ Choose Reuse is for Key Stage 3 students, encouraging them to want to recycle and reuse everyday items and to become ‘I’m not Rubbish’ ambassadors.

Both shows offer an innovative blend of multi-media projection and fast paced, highly energetic live performance which engages from the opening moment until the last. Delivered by versatile, professionally trained actors, these information packed presentations clearly communicate the necessity for greater waste efficiency.

Students will:

  • Discover why waste efficiency matters and all about reusing and recycling items in order to help divert waste from landfills
  • Question why they may not currently reuse or recycle
  • Learn practical ways to reduce waste, reuse and recycle items to save money
  • Explore how reused items can have a positive image, including retro/ vintage chic, designer at a fraction of the price
  • Learn about the benefits of using sites such as EBay, Gumtree and Freecycle and supporting ideas such as garage/ car boot sales, donating/ buying from charity shops and swishing/ swapping/ borrowing
  • Recognise the positive difference they can make and encourage them to spread important reduce, reuse and recycle messages to family, friends and the wider community


Depending on the number of schools, academies and colleges we tour, prices often equate to around £3.50 per head for a whole year group performance (including our full event management and evaluation services). For one-off and short projects the price per head can be much higher to cover the development and rehearsal costs.


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