Pre-NEET/ NEET Workshops (KS 3-4)

Watch our Ed’s Up video.

Ed’s Up! is a powerful intervention that provides young people, aged 11-16, with the necessary skills and support to re-engage with learning. It brings participants face-to-face with the realities of life and enables them to see they are not alone.

The audience get to meet Ed, the troubled character at the heart of the drama. Then, in the course of the two hour workshop that follows, they not only turn this character’s life around, but their own, too.

By focusing on a range of key areas, participants develop skills and self confidence. They also get to learn more about just what support mechanisms are available to help them. Ultimately, they come to realise that they’ve got lots to offer, and how they can succeed in life and learning.

Students will:

  • Work on communication skills, including interview techniques and presentation skills, that will give them greater self-confidence
  • Explore ways to solve problems and overcome some of the obstacles and barriers they face
  • Learn about different ‘learning styles’, recognising their strengths, and building their self-esteem as a consequence
  • Raise their aspirations, as they plan for the future


It’s hard to provide an indicative price for this this kind of in-depth, smaller scale project. It really depends on the number of venues and young people, so please talk to us.


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