Post-16 Participation – Destination Success (KS 3-4)

Watch our Post-16 Participation video.

Inspiring young people (KS 3 or KS 4) to see the benefits of staying in learning. This fun and engaging presentation informs students of the diversity of learning options available post 16 and inspiring them to realise their full potential. Designed to switch students on to continue learning, raise their aspirations, and look forward to a successful destination in life.

Students will:

  • Learn about the diversity of choices and variety of progression routes available to them post 16, including Apprenticeships & University
  • Be encouraged to focus on, engage with and take responsibility for their own personal positive destination
  • Consider what their future could hold and the benefits of learning post-16; like more qualifications, enhanced job prospects, increased future earnings, and greater opportunities
  • Find out where to find the Information, advice and guidance to help choose an educational route that suits them and supports the way they best like to learn


Depending on the number of schools, academies and colleges we tour, prices often equate to around £3.50 per head for a whole year group performance (including our full event management and evaluation services). For one-off and short projects the price per head can be much higher to cover the development and rehearsal costs.


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