Options & Choices (KS 3)

A presentation for Year 8/9 students, revealing how they most like to learn, why choosing the right key stage 4 options for them is so important, and how to make the most of their learning. Even if the future seems a long way off and choosing options is the last thing they want on their mind, this presentation will inspire young people to see that making decisions doesn’t have to be stressful and that they can follow their aspirations and achieve their potential.

Students will:

  • Realise for themselves the importance of choosing their options and making the most of their choices
  • Learn where to go and who to talk to for help, guidance and support
  • Understand the decisions they make now really can affect their future
  • Think about how they most like to learn and understand the value of staying in learning
  • Explore the diversity of learning routes and the parity of qualifications – Academic vs. Vocational
  • Identify potential barriers in choosing the right learning route for them and ways in which these can be overcome


Depending on the number of schools, academies and colleges we tour, prices often equate to around £3.50 per head for a whole year group performance (including our full event management and evaluation services). For one-off and short projects the price per head can be much higher to cover the development and rehearsal costs.


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