Confidence & Resilience Building (KS 3-4)

Our Confidence & Resilience Building workshop is designed to help motivate, engage and raise the aspirations of young people. It will inspire students to see the benefits of Higher Education and encourage young people to see the positives of a university education, build confidence and resilience and ultimately realise it’s an opportunity they cannot afford to miss.

The multimedia workshop utilises Interactive Voting Systems and a blend of digital characters (animated and film), images and scenery, all totally immersed with actors delivering drama based scenarios. Both actors and the digital characters interact with young people throughout the workshops to engage and explore the important messages around staying in learning and taking the leap into Higher Education.

Employing a number of dramatic techniques such as ‘Hot Seating’ and ‘Forum Theatre’ blended with Interactive Voting Systems we delve into the subject matter, and unravel the key messages. These powerfully effective techniques will engage the students own aspirations whilst addressing some of the key issues around the challenges and barriers to progress to Higher Education. Our multimedia approach blended with the drama demonstrates how HE is accessible and affordable for everyone, whatever your background.

Students will:

  • Recognise the benefits of going to university
  • Build confidence and resilience
  • Understand the financial implications and support available
  • Identify potential barriers for HE progression and ways in which these can be overcome
  • Explore the diversity of routes and which one might be right for them
  • Know where to go and who to talk to for help, guidance and support including useful websites
  • Plan for their future


It really depends on the number of venues and young people, so please talk to us.


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