Keep the Customer Satisfied

We’ve now finished delivering a highly innovative ‘Customer Service’ programme for several hundred employees of an NHS Commissioning Support Unit.

The training sessions involved our usual dynamic mix of live drama, audio visual material, electronic voting, and lots and lots of interaction and exploration of best practice.

I’m pleased to say that, once again, the evaluation afterwards revealed enthusiastic participants who clearly got a lot from doing the training.

  • 100% found it useful when it came to understanding how to communicate better
  • 100% found it useful for exploring what makes good customer service
  • 99% found it useful for identifying ways to improve both the internal and external customer experience
  • 99% found it useful for learning how to handle unhappy customers
  • 100% rated the session positively (most of these said it was either ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’)

Okay, so I’m blowing our trumpet here. But forgive me, I’m just chuffed at a job well done. And it’s not just me, here’s how our client summed it up:

“Enact worked with us right from the very beginning to establish our needs and bespoke the content of the programme to ensure it delivered the correct corporate message. The programme was interactive and thought provoking and well received by the delegates as well as being delivered at a high standard of professionalism.”

And, in their own words, here’s what some of the employees who took part said:

“I liked all the ‘technologies’ – the voting system, role plays with props – it kept my interest and didn’t feel like I was just being lectured to.”

“I was initially sceptical before today, but I really enjoyed it, learnt something and will recommend to others.”

“Excellent delivery – I really enjoyed the session – really professional and insightful. Good research and preparation tailored to the CSU.”

“It worked well. I would recommend the session to colleagues. We covered a lot in three hours but it still felt relaxed with plenty of interaction.”

“Excellent actors, very interactive, better than normal training sessions where you sit and listen for hours.”

“I have organised, attended and facilitated training over the last 10 years and this is one of the best. Very worthwhile to attend and reflect.”

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