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Resilience and Wellbeing: Livestream Showcase 28 Sep 2022

a free livestream event about supporting all team members in building and maintaining their resilience and wellbeing

“Well worth attending. Very beneficial and supportive.” Training Participant

From Covid to the cost of living, these are difficult times for many of us. Sadly, working life isn’t immune. It brings it’s own demands; increasing workloads, staff shortages, toxic behaviours. It would be great if work was a haven from the pressures of everyday life, but for many employees it clearly isn’t

Yet it can become a much more supportive place, one where we look out for each other and no one gets left behind. Later this month, we’re running a livestream event to showcase how our Resilience and Wellbeing programmes enable employees working in their teams to start to build and maintain their resilience and collective wellbeing, and as a result create a more healthy, mutually supportive workplace.

the programme

On Wednesday 28 September 2022 we’ll be online to take you through how our clients have been using our dynamic blend of interactive simulations and group exercises with actors, video, and electronic voting to achieve the following learning outcomes in livestreamed sessions:

  • Increased awareness of resilience and wellbeing in your working environment
  • Identification of, and commitment to, ways of working individually and collaboratively to build resilience and wellbeing
  • Surfacing personal and organisational barriers to resilience and wellbeing
  • Looking into poor practice in wellbeing, and duty of care towards employees
  • Knowledge of actionable resilience and wellbeing theory and tips
  • Individual recognition of how to help others, with empathy and good listening, and encouraging more ‘social’ contact with colleagues to this end

We’ll also cover:

  • Tools of the trade– introducing a selection of innovative and experiential, drama-based training tools and techniques
  • User feedback– sharing evaluation results, client and user perspectives on this alternative approach to training and learning development

Please note, this isn’t a full training session. It’s an opportunity for Human Resources, Equality & Diversity, and Learning & Development professionals to try out elements of the programme, learn more about our work in this area, and to consider whether it’s something that they would be interested to run in their organisation.

what learners say

It supports self reflection in a supportive and inclusive way.
It was great. Very interesting. Learnt a lot.
Go – You’ll learn something.
I learned a lot about techniques in conversation.

book your place

The event will run from 10.00am to 12.00pm on Wednesday 28 September 2022 via Zoom livestream. Places are limited to 24 in total and just two per organisation.

Click on the ‘Save me a place’ button and enter your details to book your place now.

Save me a place

You can check out which other organisations are attending here.

Any questions at all, feel free to contact Graham Coleman via email or call 01484 310234.

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