Unconscious Bias – Making It Real For People: Live Stream

making it real for people: a free live stream about getting to grips with unconscious bias in the workplace (NB: This event showcases our face-to-face training, but has been switched to a live stream because of Covid-19)

“Enact’s sessions, using drama, brought day to day issues alive and made it real for people. We have received excellent feedback from delegates that this fresh approach really worked. It wasn’t about theories and principles, more about how Unconscious Bias influences everything we do. Overall a really effective and professional training event” Oxford City Council

what to do about unconscious bias?

Most organisations know that Unconscious Bias ‘influences everything we do’ and that this has implications not just for their ability to embrace diversity & inclusion, but also for how well they do the fundamentals, like decision-making, recruitment, or people management.

But often there is a disconnect between ‘knowing’ and doing something positive about it.

If your organisation wants to take positive steps to get to grips with Unconscious Bias, what it is, how it works, and what can be done about it, then our free live stream all about our innovative, experiential training workshop is for you.

the programme

On Thursday 19 March 2020 we will be showcasing our Unconscious Bias training and learning development workshops via live stream.

In a 1½ hour ‘taster’ session, attendees will get to see our ‘tried and tested’ approach, which has been delivered to staff at all levels across the public and private sector. You’ll find out how we deliver highly engaging, immersive learning experiences that blend drama, brain science and the latest interactive video content to bring Unconscious Bias to life and evoke feelings, which open people to new ways of thinking and behaving.

The event will cover a wide range of content from our Unconscious Bias Workshops, including:

  • Peak moments – sharing impactful, memorable content that raises awareness and understanding of this powerful natural process and its implications in the workplace
  • Learning outcomes – explaining the full range of learning outcomes our training and learning development workshop delivers, from increased personal awareness, through brain science, to practical actions
  • Tools of the trade – introducing a selection of innovative, cutting-edge technologies and experiential, drama-based training tools and techniques
  • User feedback – sharing evaluation results, client and user perspectives on this alternative approach to training and learning development

It’s a highly interactive, powerful way to explore behaviours, one that’s going to be mainly of interest to Human Resources, Equality & Diversity and Learning & Development professionals.

what learners say

“Since the training I have not stopped talking about Unconscious Bias with my friends and colleagues. It was really useful, and I hope it is extended to all the management staff too.”

“The trainer was great, really proactive, got everyone involved, really took us through the subject well. I really enjoyed the course as a whole and it was very interactive which suited me.”

“I thought the message was communicated in an innovative way which effectively illustrated the problems and potential solutions.”

“I thought the trainer, the materials and the exercises were excellent. It’s one of the best courses I’ve attended for a long while. I have suggested it is mandatory for recruiting managers and recommended it to colleagues.”

book your place

The ‘taster’ event will run from 10.30am to 12.00pm on Thursday 19 March 2020 at via live stream.

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