Mental Health and Wellbeing: Livestream Showcase 9 Nov 2021

build your wellbeing: a free livestream event showcasing experiential training on mental health and wellbeing

“It helped me understand my own mental health challenges as they relate to work and also how to identify and help others to feel recognized and supported at work.”

Public conversations about mental health and wellbeing have probably never been so widespread. And yet, nobody is kidding themselves we’ve reached the point where everybody knows how to look after themselves, let alone what to do when those around us at home or in the workplace are struggling. We’re a long way from a world where no one gets left behind.

To play our part, during the pandemic we successfully designed and delivered an experiential, drama-based livestream training programme that companies can use to move the mental health and wellbeing conversation among employees from well-meaning intentions to active commitment to making a positive difference. Our results show both increased awareness and a high incidence of conversations, including ‘honest’ or ‘difficult’ conversations, about mental health and wellbeing in the weeks following our sessions.

This is your chance to learn all about our programme and experience its impact for yourself.

the programme

On Tuesday 9 November 2021, we’re offering a complimentary (no charge) opportunity for a limited number of companies who share our ambition to bring mental health and wellbeing conversations out into the open to join us online to experience content from our livestream programme.

In addition to watching dramatised scenes, delivered by professional actors, you will get to participate in exercises (no role play, honest) and discussions that we use to:

  • Increase awareness of how to support the wellbeing of self and others, including building employee confidence to have open conversations around mental health, and
  • Explore how we can work individually and collaboratively to create healthy and supportive working environments

Please note, this isn’t a full training session. It’s an opportunity primarily for Human Resources, Wellbeing, and Learning & Development professionals to try out elements of a bespoke training programme, learn more about our experiential, drama-based approach, and to consider whether it’s something they would be interested to try in their organisation.

We’ll also cover:

  • Tools of the trade– introducing a selection of innovative and experiential, drama-based training tools and techniques
  • User feedback– sharing evaluation results, client and user perspectives on this alternative approach to training and learning development

what learners say

“GREAT, GREAT, course.”
“Well worth the time to reflect on an important and often hidden subject.”
“Provided useful tools to be able to address mental health issues with others at work.”
“It was useful to be able to work with the actors and learn honestly without risk of offending, which is the worry in real life.”
“It made me feel more comfortable talking about mental health.”

book your place

The event will run from 1.30pm to 3.00pm on Tuesday 9 November 2021 via livestream. Places are limited to 24 in total and no more than two per organisation.

Click on the ‘Save me a place’ button and enter your details to book your place now.

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Any questions at all, feel free to contact Graham Coleman via email or call +44 (0)1484 310234.

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