Inclusive Recruitment: Livestream Showcase 22 Feb 2023

New faces, new ideas: a free livestream event showcasing experiential training on inclusive recruitment

The benefits of a diverse workforce are widely known. Getting recruitment right doesn’t just give you access to a wide talent pool; it can be a game changer.

That’s why we developed a half-day livestream training programme with a dynamic blend of live-action and filmed drama, polling, group exercises, and powerful conversations to show people how to use inclusive practices throughout the recruitment process.

It’s a highly interactive, impactful experience that will improve your recruitment processes and inspire participants to make a positive difference.

On Wednesday 22 February 2023, we’ll be showcasing selected content on Zoom. There’s no charge, but places are limited. Don’t miss your chance to experience the impact of our experiential training approach for yourself. It’s definitely not what you’re used to.

The programme

Using realistic, dramatised content with experienced actors (participants don’t act), electronic polling, facilitated group exercises and discussions from our programme, we’ll demonstrate how our learners explore the key elements of Inclusive Recruitment through livestream training to achieve these learning outcomes:

  • Understand how a diverse and inclusive workforce benefits an organisation;
  • Recognise the importance of creating a good first impression and the implications of getting it wrong;
  • Appreciate the barriers potential candidates can face and what reasonable adjustments can be made;
  • Better equipped to improve recruitment outcomes by ensuring that documentation and selection processes are fair and inclusive;
  • Awareness of how our biases can inadvertently undermine the recruitment and selection process, including interviewing; and
  • Enable learners to reflect on their learning and translate it to their own working environments, including action planning for personal change.

We’ll also cover:

  • Tools of the trade– introducing a selection of innovative and experiential, drama-based training tools and techniques
  • User feedback– sharing evaluation results, client and user perspectives on this alternative approach to training and learning development

Please note, this isn’t a full training session. It’s an opportunity for Human Resources, Equality & Diversity, and Learning & Development professionals to try out elements of the programme, learn more about our work in this area, and to consider whether it’s something that they would be interested to run in their organisation.

What learners say

“I’d recommend [people] to undertake the training to challenge themselves and their preconceptions about inclusivity.”
“If you have an open mind and are able to reflect on what you’ve done in the past, then there is real value in attending the session to improve your thinking and approach to recruitment going forward.”
“I found the delivery format engaging and thought provoking. A very useful session that I would recommend to others. Well done all.”
“I enjoyed how informative and interactive the session was.”
“Highly recommended, thought provoking and effective, well delivered.”
“Sign up for it. It is thought provoking and fun!”

book your place

The event will run from 10.00am to 12.00pm on Wednesday 22 February 2023 on Zoom. Places are limited to 24 in total and just two per organisation.

Click on the ‘Save me a place’ button and enter your details to book your place now.

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Any questions at all, feel free to contact Graham Coleman via email or call 01484 310234.

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