‘I didn’t intend that’ – Unconscious bias in the workplace: Birmingham

Unconscious biases are just that – unintentional. Are you aware of yours?

We’re going to be in Birmingham again on 3 Oct 2018, this time running a session with another one of our fabulous partners, Acas.

In a typically highly interactive event, we will use a series of workplace scenarios to help delegates identify, understand and avoid the potentially serious pitfalls of unconscious bias in the workplace.

There is a £170 per person charge for the session.


Our expert-led training sessions are highly engaging and designed to facilitate discussion and interaction. This event will include:

  • An experiential exercise using digital content, interactive discussion and electronic voting
  • The brain science behind unconscious bias and business benefits for building inclusive organisations
  • Workplace scenarios, delivered by actors, to explore how bias manifests itself and the impact of it
  • Ways to address and manage potential bias and to maximise the business benefits of an inclusive workplace environment

Book your place

The event takes place at the Birmingham Conference & Events Centre on 3 October 2018. The price is £170 per person and booking can be made at the Acas website.

Any questions, feel free to contact Peter Allen via email or call 01484 310234.

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