Diversity & Inclusion: Live Stream

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close the reality gap: a free live stream about making diversity and inclusion relevant to everyone

“Really interesting to open up conversations about diversity and inclusion that would not otherwise have happened.

On Tuesday 26 May 2020, we will be showcasing our new experiential Diversity and Inclusion training via live stream.

get busy creating a more productive, healthy, and mutually supportive culture

Diversity and inclusion is now a CEO-level issue. Major organisations worldwide are eager to demonstrate their commitment to increasing diversity and developing inclusive workplace cultures that improve performance and wellbeing. Yet official figures show there are still clear inequities, and high-profile new stories vividly bring to life the fact that the day-to-day experience of some employees continues to fall short of what’s aspired to. There is a reality gap.

There’s also more open hostility towards diversity and inclusion in wider society. Talk of ‘political correctness gone mad’, of ‘social justice warriors’ and ‘woke culture’, all promote the counter viewpoint that things have actually gone too far. The workplace isn’t immune from these voices and urgently needs to find constructive responses.

That’s why we’ve developed our latest experiential training programme. We want to help our clients deliver on their commitments by giving them an engaging, relatable way to make diversity and inclusion relevant to all employees. Our new live stream workshop uses immersive, drama-based content to spark powerful conversations, increase shared understanding, and ultimately fuel positive action.

This is your chance to experience its impact for yourself.

the programme

In a 1½ hour ‘taster’ session, we’ll demonstrate how our clients have been using our dynamic blend of interactive simulations and group exercises with actors, video, electronic voting and skilful facilitation to achieve these learning outcomes:

  • Expanding our understanding of diversity (protected characteristics, the Equality Act and beyond);
  • Recognising how exclusion happens in the workplace and its impact on people’s lives;
  • Harnessing diversity and inclusion to build better teams (the research, the skills and the attributes);
  • Understanding how we can be allies to all our colleagues;
  • Practising the skill of challenging non-inclusive behaviour; and
  • Identifying practical actions individuals and teams will take to create a more productive, healthier, and mutually supportive culture.

We’ll also cover:

  • Tools of the trade – introducing a selection of innovative and experiential, drama-based training tools and techniques; and
  • User feedback – sharing evaluation results, client and user perspectives on this alternative approach to training and learning development.

Our approach is a highly interactive, powerful way to explore behaviours, one that’s going to be specifically of interest to Human Resources, Equality & Diversity, and Learning & Development professionals.

what learners say

“I will absolutely recommend it as a great way to promote awareness / self-awareness, equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

“It gave me a feel for things that might make people feel excluded that I hadn’t thought about.”

“Drama based approach was more engaging than just presenting.”

“The acted out scenarios really made me think about my own conduct.”

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