Diversity and Inclusion: Livestream Showcase 31 Jan 2023

closing the reality gap: a free livestream event about making diversity and inclusion relevant to everyone

“Informative and fun, 100% recommend.” Training Participant

On Tuesday 31 January 2023, we’ll be showcasing content from our online experiential Diversity and Inclusion training programme via livestream.

get busy creating a more productive, healthy, and mutually supportive culture

Despite the eagerness of companies around the world to publicise their commitment to diversity and inclusion, serious inequities remain and the lived experience of many employees falls short of what’s aspired to. There is a reality gap that needs closing.

We help our customers make good on their EDI commitments by giving them an engaging, relatable means to drive home the relevance of diversity and inclusion for all employees. Our livestream workshop uses immersive, drama-based content to spark powerful conversations, increase mutual understanding, and ultimately fuel positive change.

Join us online, for free, and experience the impact of our content for yourself.

the programme

We’ll take you on a guided tour of how our customers have been using our dynamic blend of interactive simulations and group exercises with actors, video, and anonymous voting to achieve the following learning outcomes in livestreamed sessions:

  • Expanding our shared understanding of diversity (protected characteristics, the Equality Act and beyond)
  • Recognising how exclusion happens at work and its impact on people
  • Harnessing diversity and inclusion to build better teams
  • Understanding allyship and how we can stand alongside our colleagues
  • Practising the skill of challenging non-inclusive behaviour
  • Identifying practical actions we can take as individuals and in our teams to create a more productive, healthier, and mutually supportive culture

We’ll also cover:

  • Tools of the trade – introducing a selection of innovative and experiential, drama-based training tools and techniques; and
  • User feedback – sharing evaluation results, client and user perspectives on this alternative approach to training and learning development.

Please note, this isn’t a full training workshop. It’s an opportunity for Human Resources, Equality & Diversity, and Learning & Development professionals to try out elements of our programme, learn more about our work in this area, and consider whether it’s something they want to run in their organisation.

what learners say

“Informative, practical, easy to engage and highly recommended.”

“Really interesting to open up conversations about diversity and inclusion that would not otherwise have happened.”

“It was very informative and I learnt about various aspects of what inclusion means in an organisation.”

“It gave me a feel for things that might make people feel excluded that I hadn’t thought about.”

“Very enjoyable and a brilliant approach to training in a fun way!”

“Absolutely recommend it as a great way to promote awareness / self-awareness, equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.”

book your place

The event will run from 10.00am to 11.30am on Tuesday 31 January 2023 via Zoom livestream. There is no charge, but places are limited to 24 in total and just two per organisation.

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Any questions, feel free to contact Graham Coleman via email or call 01484 310234.

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