Cross Team Collaboration Showcase: Solihull

Working together better in complicated times

In business, you need to work together well to succeed.

Simple as.

Got it nailed yet?

An opportunity

On 24 March, as part of the launch of our new Cross Team Collaboration Workshop, we’ll be showcasing experiential training and learning development material aimed at improving collaboration, cross team communication, and cooperation in the workplace and between organisations.

Building on years of experience working with a wide range of clients on these challenges, we’re bringing together professional actors in realistic scenarios, audiovisual content, interactive exercises, and skilled facilitation in a dynamic, highly impactful workshop that we believe will enhance collaboration in any workplace.

If this sounds like something you’d want for your organisation, we invite you get on the inside track and come and find out about what we’ve developed. We’re excited to be able to share with like-minded people.

Collaboration – why bother?

A 2016 PwC study of more than 1,400 CEOs across 83 countries found that they were more worried than at any point in the previous five years about the increasingly complicated business landscape.

  • Diverse stakeholders – customers, regulators, competitors, employees, suppliers, shareholders, and communities
  • Increasing costs and squeezed resources
  • Technological change and cybersecurity challenges
  • Regulation and legislation

Challenges like these require multidisciplinary expertise. They require us to pool know-how and share resources across boundaries. And not just between teams within our organisations, but along supply chains, with customers, and even with competitors (make the cake bigger, rather than fight over every last crumb). Better coordination and cooperation always helps, but in our highly interdependent organisations collaboration is the bedrock of creative solutions and innovation.

Organisational benefits:

  • Results (higher profits, satisfied customers)
  • Employee retention
  • Reduced performance issues
  • Organisational learning and improvement

Team benefits:

  • Creativity and involvement, the camaraderie of collaboration
  • Engagement, satisfaction (dare we say fun)
  • Greater responsibility, accountability

Individual benefits:

  • Greater effectiveness
  • Differentiate yourself, broaden your influence
  • Increase your innovation skills and produce new ideas
  • Complex work, and the ability to learn from others can be crucial motivators

The Showcase

Our new Cross Team Collaboration Workshop is all about increasing the capability for smart collaboration, which is about producing results, not just playing nicely together (though that matters). In this ‘bite-size’ showcase, we’ll explain all about how we achieve this. You’ll get to see our highly experiential approach in action through a selection of dramatised scenes, facilitated exercises, and supporting content. It’s an ideal opportunity to learn all about our new offering and see whether it’s something for your organisation. You can check us out, too.

Save me a seat

The showcase takes place on 24 March 2017 at The Conference Centre (pdf), Solihull College & University Centre, Blossomfield Road, Solihull, B91 1SB. It will start at 10am and finish at 12pm (refreshments available from 9.45am).

It’s free of charge*. Places will, however, be limited to just 20 participants in total. To secure your place we recommend you book quickly. Click on the ‘Save me a seat’ button below and enter your details to secure your place.

Save me a seat

Any questions, please feel free to contact Dee Richardson via email or call 01484 310234.

*Due to demand and administration costs there will be a £99 plus VAT charge for cancellations received less than 48 hours prior to the workshop.