OVERSUBSCRIBED Comfortable being Uncomfortable with Race: Livestream Showcase, 11 Feb 21

OVERSUBSCRIBED – We’ve had a fabulous response to this event and there are no longer any places available. You can register if you want to hear the next time we are running this event.

get comfortable: a free livestream event showcasing training developed to support colleagues in having more open and honest conversations around racism, prejudice and inequality.

“A creative and innovative way of discussing something that doesn’t always want to be discussed.

a showcase

On Thursday 11 February 2021 we will be showcasing elements from our Comfortable being Uncomfortable with Race virtual training and learning development workshop via livestream.

Having open and productive conversations about subject matters such as racism and inequality means having to bypass our own internal defence mechanisms. Our training is designed to facilitate collaborative conversations, healthy debates, a challenging of bias and a growth mindset, and encourage delegates to push themselves out of their comfort zones.

In this 1½ hour ‘taster’ showcase, you’ll explore how the programme we’ve put together helps tackle workplace inequality and support staff in having open cultural conversations to build more inclusive working environments. The session will deliver highly engaging, immersive learning experiences that blend drama, theoretical models, and live interactive content.

learning outcomes

We’ll take you through how our clients have been using our dynamic blend of interactive simulations and group exercises with actors, video, and electronic voting to achieve the following learning outcomes in online sessions:

  • Encourage open and productive conversations about racism and inequality
  • Explore the barriers to having open cultural conversations and the importance of bypassing our internal defence mechanisms or ‘fragility’
  • Consider the power that comes with privilege and how that power can be shared through allyship
  • Identifying systematic and organisational discrimination
  • Practice challenging inappropriate behaviours in a safe and supportive environment
  • Identify practical actions to create a healthier, more inclusive working environment

Please note, this isn’t a full training session. It’s an opportunity for Human Resources, Equality & Diversity, and Learning & Development professionals to try out elements of the programme, learn more about our work in this area, and to consider whether it’s something that they would be interested to run in their organisation.

what learners say about our work

“Interesting session to raise awareness of workplace inequality and racism.
“Enjoyable and different with some really good ‘take away’ moments to build on.
“Interesting session to raise awareness of workplace inequality and racism.
“It made me feel uncomfortable, but was thought provoking and essential for many more of us to experience.”

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