Minimising Unconscious Bias

Making it real: innovative, drama-based training to get to grips with unconscious bias in the workplace.

Minimising Unconscious Bias

Everyone is biased. We are all prone to jumping to conclusions, misjudging people, and favouring some of them more than others, way more than we ever realise. Maybe this isn’t news to you. You are here after all. What matters is it is possible to minimise the potentially harmful effects of our unconscious bias, and that more and more organisations are taking steps to do just that.

We’ve helped 1000s of employees to learn more about unconscious bias – where it comes from, why it exists, and the impact it has – and we’ve equipped them with a range of skills and tools to do something positive about it back in the workplace.

Our face-to-face and virtual training programmes use immersive, drama-based content to take unconscious bias out of the theoretical realm and make it real for people. We bring the subject to life in a way that evokes feelings and opens learners up to new ways of thinking and behaving.

Clients Include
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Delegate Feedback

It was informative, and challenging as it opened my eyes to unconscious bias and a realisation of how easy it is to fall into that pattern without recognising that fact.
I have learnt to be more patient and accepting of others and made it my mission to ensure that bias is not seen through staff inductions and that all are welcomed, and some thoughts are challenged if needed.
I thought the trainer, the materials and the exercises were excellent. It's one of the best courses I've attended for a long while. I have suggested it is mandatory for recruiting managers and recommended it to colleagues.
Expertly crafted and delivered.
I think it gave me more confidence to challenge others behaviour if I felt unhappy about it.
The workshop was very interactive which made it a really successful session. Video clips, questioning and group discussions were all used effectively. I liked the interactive keypad answering, this was anonymous, making one feel easy about responding honestly and confidently.
It was very interactive and lots of opportunity for discussion, which was helpful in gaining a better understanding of how unconscious bias can occur and how to think more carefully about language and behaviour in future.
I thought the message was communicated in an innovative way which effectively illustrated the problems and potential solutions.
It has been a joy working with you, and to see the difference the Enact learning has brought to our organisation.
Different approach to training, more engaging and easier to follow.
It was great, and a good way of looking at equality, diversity and psychology issues in the workplace.
Enjoyed the session and will use the info in every aspect of my life, not just in work.
The acted out scenario was really good and useful to see and understand.
Enjoyed the style and content. My unconscious bias was that the session would be dull!
The role play video worked well in highlighting our bias that pre-exists and how it affects the workplace.
Enjoyed the different methods used i.e. Voting, video clips, drama, interaction with group. Challenged my thinking.
First class design and facilitation.
Brilliant course, very interactive, all made sense, pace good, really good trainer.
Excellent delivery and felt like a great use of time!
A really interesting session and great timing as we start to embed our new values.
Great way to deliver session.
Really enjoyed the session; style, content and delivery all good. Very engaging delivery.
Excellent, fun and run at a good pace with a healthy balance of theory and practical.
I thought Rosie [the lead facilitator] was fantastic. She really brought the subject to life and made for a very thought provoking workshop.

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Learning Outcomes

Our performance helps inspire learners to:

The Programme

A half-day face-to-face or 1½ hour online experiential, interactive programme for mixed groups of employees. The workshop is run by an actor-facilitator using dramatised content (live and filmed), alongside electronic voting and group exercises. Face-to-face sessions can be delivered either on-site at your premises or off-site at an appropriate venue.

The programme consists of the following modules.

Learning Into Action

We have been delivering innovative training programmes on unconscious bias since 2013. In that time, we have had customers from the public, private and not for profit sectors, including Adidas, NHS England, University of Westminster, NYAS, and National Grid. It is our number one seller and has been delivered to 1000s of employees.

Results from in-session electronic polling include:

0 %
recognised the importance of unconscious bias and had ideas
0 %
identified ways to reduce bias in their workplace
0 %
heightened their awareness of bias
0 %
had better recognition of influence of bias on their actions
0 %
expressed more confidence to challenge
0 %
found it a worthwhile session
0 %
felt inspired to make a positive difference back in the workplace
Minimising Unconscious Bias

In follow-up surveys (6 weeks later):

0 %
continued to recognise the importance of unconscious bias and had ideas about what they can do about it
0 %
continued to feel that the training had been worthwhile
0 %
had been in a general conversation about unconscious bias at work
0 %
had engaged in an ‘honest’ or ‘difficult’ conversation in response to a situation or behaviour where bias was a factor (six out of ten learners had not been in such a situation)
0 %
had done all or some of the actions they had planned as part of the training programme (only one in eight had not done anything)
0 %
still felt they had been inspired to make a positive difference back in the workplace

Since that training I have not stopped talking about Unconscious Bias with my friends and colleagues. It was really useful.


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