Tanya Obeng

Tanya is passionate about helping people reposition, unlock their creativity, and get back on their pathway to a sense of self.

Her aim is to promote mindfulness and use psychodrama as a tool to help others open up and tell their stories in an authentic way. She loves to connect with people who have the same interest or want to acknowledge some of the communication issues within the workplace. Her approach is compassionate, empowering, supportive, and inspiring. It’s her aspiration to elevate all her clients.

Tanya has taught dance and drama for over 15 years in schools, Youth theatres, Mental Health and Care homes. In this time, she has observed others and become open to allowing herself to notice individual personality types, how people behave and engage with others, under pressure and in group situations, positively and negatively. As she says, ‘Once you have observed people’s differences, you can then support them to understand themselves and work with others’.

Tanya wants to: promote positive communication and wellbeing through mindfulness; connect with others who speak who understand the current problems in work life culture; communicate in an open and sensitive way allowing others to respond positively; and help people feel at ease in their environment.

We all have a role in society and Tanya believes her role is to empower others and to help them to be sensitive to, and recognise the needs of, people around them in the environment in which they’re working. She has completed courses in mindfulness, Reiki, Bach flower remedies, NLP and psychodrama.