David Allen, Director of Impact

We know what you’re thinking. Wow, what a job title, what on Earth does it mean? Long story short, David helps us understand how well we’re fulfilling our purpose of inspiring people to make a positive difference to their lives. He works with every part of the business to find ways we can get better and better at switching people on to new ways of thinking and behaving.

Having spent his formative working years working in research units in central and local government, heading the research team in York Council’s award-winning marketing and communications group along the way, David is Enact’s evaluation and performance metrics guru. From interactive electronic polling and feedback forms at the point of delivery, through to online follow-up surveys weeks later to find out whether anyone has done anything different as a result, it’s David’s job to keep our eye on the goal of making everything we do count.

David also gets his hands dirty in Enact’s creative engine room, designing and developing training programmes, writing scripts and putting together supporting presentations mostly for our corporate clients. Having spent over 10 years running his own management consultancy, he’s got a head full of management and organisational development theories, tools and practical know-how for Enact to draw on and bring to life in ways that hit home and really stick.

Last, but not least, David brings his expertise and problem-solving perspective to bear on internal challenges, helping our small but perfectly formed team to improve strategic management, business processes and ways of working in our ongoing quest to become the learning organisation we aspire to be.