Yearly archives: 2015

Work Experience

Just wanted to share a post by Maddie Denton who came to us on a work experience placement. You were a great colleague, Maddie, a pleasure to work with. It’s great to hear that you found your experience so rewarding and to know that it’s influenced your career aspirations in a good way! All the best for the future.

Here’s the start of what Maddie had to say about her time with us. Do visit Maddie’s site to read the rest.

I recently completed my work experience with local company Enact Solutions based in Thongsbridge, Holmfirth. The company are drama based learning specialists who go out into schools and the workplace delivering performances on subjects such as bullying and harassment or diversity and inclusion.

Prior to my placement I attended a day of filming that would be used in the show that was in rehearsal the week of my placement. This was an excellent opportunity for me to get the chance to see not only the actors in motion but also the technical side behind the camera.

Read the rest of Maddie’s post.

Think of a Job, Any Job!

It still amazes me that the NHS is in the top 5 largest employers in the world. What amazes me even more is the amount of jobs you can do in the NHS. Did you know there’s over 350 different jobs? I didn’t and neither did the young people in secondary schools across the East Midlands. That is until our team of professional actors arrived to tell them all about it earlier this year.

The NHS needs a vast amount of young people and adults (currently it employs 1.6 million people) to join them on the career ladder, but it’s not just medical related careers. When I think of the NHS, Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and other medical related jobs come to mind. I don’t think about Estates & Facilities, IT Managers, Chefs, Porters, Maintenance Managers, Painters & Decorators, Orthopaedic Technicians, Medical Equipment Devices Managers, or even Gardeners! It’s these varied and rewarding roles that provide the right environment for the treatment, well-being and recovery of patients.

Our NHS Success! tour of schools, colleges and academies opens the door to a career in the NHS, explaining all about what’s available and pointing young people to where they can find out more info on NHS jobs and the qualifications they’ll need. Check it out – there’s even a job called Anatomical Pathology Technologist (better to write than say!).

More than 6,000 young people saw NHS Success! As usual, the feedback was fantastic:

  • 97% of young people found our show informative
  • 96% said it was enjoyable
  • 89% would recommend it for other students
  • 76% said it made them think seriously about a career in the NHS

We’ve inspired the next generation to consider a career in the NHS, or as this student tweeted after the show:

#stepintothenhs performance was rad today tbh, I’m actually thinking about looking for jobs within the NHS

I’m really proud of the NHS and how it serves our communities. I’m especially proud to be helping young people learn more about the amazing opportunities open to them in the NHS.